industrial sectional door are commonly used external doors in industrial plants. Many large-scale plants and famous plant gates will follow this overhead sectional door. The main function is wind resistance, anti-theft, heat preservation, high safety factor, and attractive appearance, which can build enterprises. High-end good image. At present, there are three ways to improve the segmented workshops produced by SEPPES. Those who are interested can check it out.

factory sectional door
sectiona door

Industrial door lifting method 1: completely vertical lifting

Because the torsion spring bears the door body with uniform weight, only by changing the size of the wheel diameter, that is, changing the torque, can the torsion spring torsion and the door weight balance, so it is necessary to install a tower wheel.

The torsion spring of an industrial door fully vertically lifted requires pre-tensioning during installation. The length of the steel wire rope must be determined according to the tower wheel reel, to ensure that when the door is opened to the top, the steel wire rope is fully wound on the tower wheel from the large circle to the small circle.

The condition for the installation of a fully vertical sectional door is that when the space above the door opening is equal to or larger than the door opening, the installation of the insulated sectional door as an external door of the plant is much lower than other warehouse sectional door.

exterior sectional door
exterior sectional door

Industrial door hoisting method 2: turning lifting

1. The door is placed below (ie closed state): one end of the torsion spring is fixed, and the other end is wound to the required number of turns for installation, and then the adjusting end of the torsion spring is pushed to the fixed end, and tightened on the adjusting flange. Screw.

2. Put the door on top (i.e. open state): fix one end of the torsion spring, extend the torsion spring by 60~120mm along the adjustment end, and then pre-tighten 0.5~1 turns, and then fix the adjustment end of the torsion spring on the shaft with screws superior.

This outdoor plant sectional door is a turning type industrial gate. It is generally suitable for exterior door scenes with less reserved space on the doorway. The installation level is medium. The design of most factories fits and installs this factory sectional door.

lifting sectional door
lifting sectional door

Industrial door lifting method three: high lift

It is necessary to install a half tower wheel to balance the torsion spring torque and the door weight. When the door is lifted vertically, the tower wheel part of the half tower wheel is used; when the upper sliding part of the door is lifted, the flat wheel part of the half tower wheel is used. The torsion spring of the semi-vertical lifting industrial door also needs to be pre-tightened during installation.

The high lift sectional door is a segmented lifting door that is not easy to install. It needs to be measured according to the customer’s actual plant, and the technical solution can be given after discussing with the technology, because the safety of installing the segmented lifting door outside the plant is ranked first of.

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