Sectional Door

SEPPES Sectional Door has heat preservation, anti-theft, and windproof performance. It is used for the factory gate and has a clean appearance and comfortable use. This product is popular with many foreign customers.





The industrial Sectional Door adopts high-quality materials and has good heat preservation effect. The door body is made of double-layer galvanized steel plate, embossed , filled with fire-proof and heat-insulating materials in the middle. It has the characteristics of high strength, sturdiness, and good insulation and sound insulation. The surface is sprayed with plastic to effectively prevent corrosion. Secondly, it has reliable anti-theft performance, and is equipped with an anti-pry device, which can effectively protect your property.

Sectional Overhead Door feature

Project cases

Sectional Overhead Door
Project cases





Factory show


This is a photo of Spanish, Australian, Brazilian, Chile customers, etc who visited our company.

Our partners

More than 60 Fortune 500 companies from Geely, Procter & Gamble, Huawei, Bosch, and Pfizer have chosen us.


Delivery & Packing

Our packaging method is wooden box packaging, and the transportation methods include express, air and sea.


1. Q: What’s the motor of industrial sectional door ?

A: MOTOR AC, 0.45-0.65 Kw, 220V, 50Hz.

2. Q: What’s the material of your industrial sectional panel?

A: Aluminium alloy / painted steel with 40mm thermal insulation material.

3. Q: What kind of place does the sectional garage door can be used?

A: Factory gates, garages, logistics and other industries.

4. Q: Does the industrial sectional door can be customized with the small door ?

A: Yes, Small doors and windows can be customized.

5. Q: How long the sectional garage door can be used?

A: Service life is about 30,000 times.

6. Q: Does the industrial sectional door fire – proof?

A: B2 class ,Automatically extinguish within 10 seconds after leaving the fire source.

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