Industrial Lifting Door

The product is beautiful in appearance, sturdy and durable, stable on and off, low noise, sealed and insulated, safe and reliable, and save space.


Products Description

Industrial lifting doors are suitable for all kinds of exterior and interior doors of buildings. The operation system is completed by the tension balance of torsion spring, sliding of pulleys and slides, and the electric control of the frequency conversion intelligent control system. More than 6 lifting operation modes can be customized according to the installation environment , The high-density polyurethane foam door panel after 40mm has both thermal insulation and impact resistance.



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Opening ways

Our standard door opening method is double-sided manual button, optional radar, geomagnetism, drawstring, remote control, Bluetooth, wireless switch, etc.

Color choose

The regular color is White: RAL9003, and Blue: RAL5002; Yellow: RAL1003; Red: RAL3002

Installation Methods

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Who are we?

Seppes Door Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a manufacturing and trading company with 9 years of experience. Our main products are high-speed doors, fast rolling doors, automatic rolling doors, combination doors, etc.

Factory show


This is a photo of Spanish, Australian, Brazilian, Chile customers, etc who visited our company.



1. Reset: automatic reset function to prevent accidental derailment (patented technology)

2. Fast: servo motor is specially customized to open the speed up to 2m/s

3. Wind resistance: door frame track is equipped with a tension spring tension system, conventionally resistant to 6-8 wind pressure

4. Stability: Equipped with German brand control system;servo high precision drive single unit.

5. Smart: Built-in loT smart chip to achieve integrated smart and powerful.

6. Safety: Standard infrared anti-pinch safety protection device.

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Application cases

Delivery & Packing

Our packaging method is wooden box packaging, and the transportation methods include express, air and sea.


1. Q: What’s the motor of industrial sectional door ?

A: MOTOR AC, 0.45-0.65 Kw, 220V, 50Hz.

2. Q: What’s the material of your industrial sectional panel?

A: Aluminium alloy / painted steel with 40mm thermal insulation material.

3. Q: What kind of place does the sectional garage door can be used?

A: Factory gates, garages, logistics and other industries.

4. Q: Does the industrial sectional door can be customized with the small door ?

A: Yes, Small doors and windows can be customized.

5. Q: How long the sectional garage door can be used?

A: Service life is about 30,000 times.

6. Q: Does the industrial sectional door fire – proof?

A: B2 class ,Automatically extinguish within 10 seconds after leaving the fire source.

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