The high-speed micro-motor and centrifugal fan technology independently developed by Lake has been at the forefront of technological development in the world industry. As a leading brand in the field of global environmental cleaning, Lake has always insisted on using technological innovation to build its own core competitiveness, insisting on “being different” and The “one step ahead” innovation strategy has created many leading products in China and the world, and promoted the high-quality and sustainable development of the company. As a leading brand in the industrial door industry, SEPPES Door Industry shares the same innovative development ideas as Lake, and has always maintained a friendly cooperative relationship with them. The brand chooses the brand and joins forces. The workshops and workshops of many of its projects have installed western The words such as “good-looking” and “easy to use” are often mentioned by customers for Long Express Doors. These have also become endorsements of SEPPES products, and they are also the reasons why many customers choose SEPPES.

It looks good, easy to use, and seemingly simple words, not all fast rolling door manufacturers can do it. The fast door of SEPPES Door Industry adopts the laser construction integrated molding process, that is, the whole steel plate is folded into the door body with laser, and the imported plastic powder is sprayed. Compared with the spliced ​​door body on the market, it is more beautiful and safer. Matched with imported PVC brand door curtains, the surface is smooth and dirt-resistant, and a variety of colors are available. The colors are bright and bright, which improves the appearance of the plant and enhances the mood of users. It is a pleasing handicraft for the plant and workshop; a variety of imported brand core components, Such as German brand control system, French brand door curtain, Japanese brand safety photoelectric, high-precision intelligent servo motor, comparable to foreign brands, cost-effective.

As one of the top ten fast rolling door manufacturers, SEPPES Door Industry has launched the “one door, one code, life-long service” system in the leading industry, so that each product has a special ID card, which saves the time to find after-sales service and increases The speed of product after-sales. There are more than 60 service outlets across the country, 7*24 hours of staff telephone online, 24 hours of rapid response, choose a good fast rolling door, choose SEPPES Door Industry.

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