In recent days, the transparent lift door of Seppes has been installed in the fire garage of a fire brigade in Nanjing. Due to the special daily work of the fire garage, ordinary rolling garage doors cannot be used. Because the door curtains are relatively thin, the opening noise is loud. , The effect of full transparency is not very good, the overall aesthetics is not as good as the transparent lifting door, the transparent lifting door also has a one-key linkage opening method, and it can all be opened by only a remote control button, so the installation of a transparent lifting door in the fire garage is very Appropriately, the characteristics of Seppes transparent lifting door are as follows:

  1. The door frame is made of aluminum alloy frame profile, which is anodized and polished, and the color can be customized by the user.
  2. Polycarbonate glass has high light transmittance, and its impact resistance is 100 times that of ordinary glass.
  3. Imported brand intelligent frequency conversion control system, stable and low-noise operation.
  4. The torsion spring of high-quality spring steel realizes 30,000 cycles and is durable.

SEPPES Door Industry, in accordance with European industry standards, continues to innovate, technology development, design and manufacturing, sales and installation and after-sales service of nearly 70 products, and nearly 30 patents. The projects in cooperation with the fire brigade include:

   Changshu Fire Brigade

   Hunan Fire Brigade

   Yancheng Fire Brigade

  Taicang Fire Brigade

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