The sponge dock shelter is composed of three high-quality sealing columns. The surface of the sealing column is made of high-quality high-density polyester fiber base cloth, and the inside is filled with high-quality high-density sponge. The standard configuration is equipped with yellow reverse bars on the front surface of the left and right sealing columns. The top adjustment curtain is suitable for shorter vehicles; the yellow scale increases friction and effectively seals, protecting the main body of the seal.

The picture below is: the real shot of the sponge dock shelter:

   The front sealing curtain of the mechanical dock shelter is composed of three 3mm thick high-density black polyester fibers with yellow reverse strips. The surrounding sealing curtain is made of 0.8mm thick high-density polyester fiber. When the truck is parked, the three sealing curtains form a flap-like seal with the outside of the truck compartment. The frame is composed of galvanized steel pipe and aluminum alloy, and is balanced by springs for better impact resistance.

The picture below: Mechanical dock shelter installed in logistics warehouse:

The inflatable dock shelter has a top sealing column and two side sealing columns. The material is neoprene rubber covered with synthetic fabric. The sealing column is a continuous cylindrical shape in the center, which is continuously inflated by an external blower, and each part is equipped with balance holes. Therefore, the truck compartment is tightly wrapped in the entire working state to achieve sealing effect.

The picture below is: the real shot of the inflatable dock shelter:

(1) Sponge dock shelter: This kind of dock shelter relies on the squeeze of the carriage to achieve a sealing effect. Its closeness is better, so all van models are required to be unified.

(2) Mechanical dock shelter: This kind of dock shelter relies on the high elastic door seal curtain to squeeze the carriage to achieve a sealing effect, suitable for large vehicles.

Inflatable dock shelter: This kind of dock shelter inflates the airbag around the cargo port to enclose the compartment to achieve a sealing effect. It has a good sealing effect, and is commonly used in high clean loading and unloading ports such as food and medicine, and is suitable for large and medium-sized vehicles. The door seal can effectively reduce the energy loss during loading and unloading, and prevent wind and rain, insects, dust pollution, etc. from contact with the goods in the warehouse vehicle.

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