The sponge platform door seal adopts a pressurized wooden bottom plate, and adds high-density and high-elastic sponge material. The material is bonded to the wooden floor through a high-quality, flame-retardant elastic adhesive. There are holes in the bottom of the door seal to consume air and remove moisture. The vertical door seal has a yellow guide belt to assist in guiding the parking of the truck. The whole set of parts adopts necessary hardware fixing fittings, and galvanized fittings are used to prevent corrosion. Provide companies with energy-saving tight seals and a more comfortable working environment.

Features of Xuzhou Gaodian Door Industry Sponge Platform Door Seal:

  • 1. Durable structure: The wear-resistant folds on the side corners of the canopy can improve durability and extend the service life of the door seal. Provides wear-resistant pleats on the entire side.
  • 2. Advanced top door curtain design: The flexible high support structure effectively prevents water droplets from falling and reduces wear.
  • 3. Face-cut columns on both sides: effectively prevent the door seal from squeezing into the truck compartment.
  • 4. External ventilation holes: The ventilation holes at the bottom of the columns on both sides are designed to enhance air circulation and extend the service life of sponge and fabric.
  • 5. The high 24″ reversing guide stripe design: helps to ensure the center positioning of the truck.

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