As we all know, clean workshops have very high requirements for the environment. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the workshop, many forms will be used to avoid and eliminate them. One way is to install fast rolling doors in the passages. Some customers do not particularly understand, why can a door have a clean effect? Today we will tell you about the effects of using fast rolling doors in clean workshops.

1. First of all, the biggest difference between fast rolling doors and other doors is fast! The speed of the switch can reach 1.2-2.0m/s, and the indoor and outdoor air convection can be quickly cut off, which reduces the entry of dust into the clean workshop; at the same time, the fast switch also reduces the waiting time and greatly improves the traffic efficiency.

2.In addition to being fast, the fast rolling door can also be opened and closed frequently. It can run 800-1000 times a day. For the logistics channel, frequent operation is very important, which indirectly improves transportation efficiency.

3.The track of the fast rolling door is sealed with double rows of brushes. The bottom of the door curtain is a U-shaped soft bottom, which can fit well in the face of uneven ground. Even in the closed state, the sealing effect of the fast rolling door far exceeds Other access doors keep the workshop in the best clean state.

4.When the performance of the fast rolling door meets the needs of the clean workshop, safety issues must also be considered. Seppes Door Industry’s fast rolling door is equipped with a safety photoelectric device as standard. When people and goods pass under the door opening, the fast rolling door will not drop to avoid injury.

The fast rolling door relies on its fast lifting, frequent operation, and sealed partition functions to ensure the standard of the clean workshop. It can be said that the installation of a fast rolling door such as Yizhan in the clean workshop is not only a passage partition door, but also can meet the needs of cleanliness, which can be said to be a multi-tasking thing. And there is no problem using 8-10 fast rolling doors, and the automatic control system will not be easily eliminated, which is economical and intelligent.

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