Now random new energy is becoming more and more popular manufacturers of lithium batteries are also very many, new energy vehicles and UPS power storage industry is also developing rapidly, which greatly stimulated the demand for lithium batteries, prompting the existing enterprises began to transform and expand to increase their capacity.

The modernized lithium battery workshop needs to install the industrial high speed door with protective measures after improvement.First, it can protect the safety of work equipment and personnel;Second, because industrial high speed door also has high efficiency, energy saving, stability, can improve work efficiency, beautify the corporate image.

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In peacetime work while you work environment will have a variety of harmful elements such as mercury element is common, and lead element, etc., so usually employees will make some company is intelligent protection line between workshop and workshop assembly can be mounted on a high-speed industrial door, this one can be very good play the role of space sealing and effective separation, thus further have fewer staff affected by the increase production efficiency.

Seppes industrial high speed door can choose to use no potential switch, without power can open and close the door, its principle is with the start of the door automatic power generation, even if the power failure will not affect the use of industrial fast door.Secondly, there is no hard part of the industrial high-speed door curtain, which will not scratch the accident of the staff. The whole material of the curtain is imported soft wear-resistant base cloth, which is not only fracture resistant but also wear-resistant, but also without cleaning and clean and sanitary.The color of the curtain can also be customized according to the Raul color card.

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In addition, some large and well-known enterprises pay more attention to the electronic control system, we use Germany imported fast door motor, dual-core frequency conversion control, man-machine visual, staff only need to operate on the ground, safe and stable, smooth operation.

The outstanding feature of this industrial fast door is that it can be opened quickly and frequently, and the speed can reach 0.8-1.2m/s. According to the demand, it can also be customized with higher speed.Can be applied in a wide range of fields, general industrial workshop, logistics warehouse, food manufacturing, clothing factories, transportation companies, cold chain institutions and so on, can be used, seppes door industry and other products: industrial lifting sectional door, windproof packing fast door, garage industrial lifting door, industrial door shelter and other products.

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