automatic industrial lifting door

Industrial sectional doors, also known as sectional doors and sectional garage doors, are suitable for various building exterior and interior doors. A complete operating system is formed through the tension balance of the torsion spring, the sliding of the pulley and the slide rail, and the electric control of the frequency conversion intelligent control system. The 40mm thick high-density polyurethane foam door panel combines thermal insulation and impact resistance. The product is widely used because of its beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, high practicability and high-end appearance. So in daily use, how does the airbag of the industrial sectional doors play the role of safety protection?

industrial sectional doors

Inside and outside the industrial plant, when the industrial lift door is normally closed and lowered, a person or an obstacle below the door body prevents the airbag from descending. A squeezing force is generated on the airbag, which changes the air pressure inside the airbag at this time. And this air pressure change is quickly converted into an early warning signal and sent to the control system of the industrial lift gate. After the system receives the feedback from the airbag, the door body will immediately stop and continue to descend, and at the same time, it will open the door upwards in the opposite direction until it stops at the door opening position.

sectional doors

Through the above working process and control principle, seppes can see that the function of the airbag is to ensure the automatic and automatic safety protection of the industrial sectional door when it encounters resistance during the closing and descending process. It can effectively ensure the safety of personnel, vehicles, goods, etc. during the descending process of the door.

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