Recently, country M has frequently attacked H, even cutting off the supply of H chips to prevent H’s development. At present, the lithography machines that make high-end chips are in foreign hands. my country is currently unable to produce high-end lithography machines. This point caught our necks. The country also discovered this problem, so it began to vigorously develop my country’s semiconductor industry. Naturally, ordinary industrial doors cannot be used in these environmentally harsh workplaces, and high-standard industrial fast rolling doors must be used.

The five characteristics of SEPPES Door Industry’s fast rolling door can provide an excellent working environment for the semiconductor workshop.

  1. Fast opening speed of 1-2 meters per second improves efficiency.

  2. German brand control system to ensure the accurate operation of the fast door.

  3. The airtight structure on all sides keeps the internal temperature and the environment clean.

  4. Built-in IoT smart chip, integrated intelligence and powerful functions.

  5. Infrared safety protection device is equipped as standard to escort safety.

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