The fully transparent fast door is a fast door with a transparent pvc curtain that opens at an average speed of 0.6 to 1.5 meters per second, which is very suitable for use in the workshop. The lighting effect is good, the visual effect is brighter and wider, and the efficient opening can play a role of rapid isolation, prevent indoor and outdoor air convection, improve the workshop environment and sanitation, and have the characteristics of long service life.

Basic configuration of transparent fast door:
1Frame material: The door frame is made of high-quality paint 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is phosphated and painted.

  1. Curtain material: The curtain is made of transparent PVC soft base fabric imported from France, and there are many colors to choose from.
  2. Motor material: The motor adopts the German imported brand Philippe high-frequency start-stop professional special motor.
  3. Control system: The bright blue screen LCD display is used as a man-machine dialogue window, which displays the running status and fault code in real time, which is convenient for maintenance and use.
  4. Safety performance: The transparent fast door is equipped with a safety photoelectric as standard. When an obstacle is sensed during the descending process of the door, the door will automatically rise in the reverse direction, which can avoid injury to people and goods.
  5. Service life: Both the control motor and the curtain induction are imported brands, with high accuracy, and long-term use is not easy to cause problems. It can be used for 8-10 years.
  6. Automatic induction: There are different switch modes such as radar, geomagnetism, bluetooth, remote control, and drawstring to choose from.

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