In recent years, intelligent manufacturing has become the main development direction of global manufacturing. Whether it is “World Industrial Manufacturing 4.0” or “Made in China 2035”, it is based on the intelligent, automated, unmanned, customized, and data-based industrial manufacturing. As an important basic support condition, especially the degree of intelligence of a manufacturing plant has become one of the core indicators to measure the efficient operation of an enterprise.

Under the background of the era of global industrial manufacturing intelligence, industrial fast automatic roller shutter doors and warehousing logistics equipment have also become indispensable hardware supporting facilities for a highly intelligent factory.

With the demand for efficient operation of enterprises and the continuous advancement of the construction process of intelligent factories, manufacturing enterprises have higher and higher requirements for factory intelligence. Intelligent equipment, intelligent robots, automated assembly lines and other equipment industries are ushering in vigorous development. It has become one of the important equipment of non-chemical chemical plants and intelligent chemical plants. The fast automatic roller shutter doors and warehousing logistics equipment that have key links such as export, entrance, safety partition protection, dust-free, heat preservation, and sound insulation have become one of the important equipment.

In order to better promote the development of industrial intelligence, SEPPES Doors keeps in mind the corporate mission of “making smart factories more efficient” and has developed 2.0 thick curtains and servo control systems for the use scenarios of smart factories and the safety protection needs of automated equipment. The protective fast door is specially designed for the use places that require safety protection such as the robot welding room, automated workshop, and intelligent production line in the workshop; the closed high-speed rolling door with zipper structure is faster and more airtight than the conventional fast rolling door , Suitable for areas with frequent entry and exit and higher cleanliness requirements; turbo hard fast doors, not only have the fast and frequent opening and closing performance of soft fast doors, but also have heat preservation and anti-theft functions, and are used in key areas to protect against impact.

In order to better ensure the efficient operation of intelligent chemical factories, all the fast-speed products of SEPPES Doors use more stable and faster servo control systems. The door opening speed is increased by an average of 30% to ensure faster travel time and improve pedestrians, Driving efficiency.

SEPPES Doors industry puts high performance, high standards, and high safety as the top priority of its products. The system products developed by SEPPES have passed the international authoritative SGS professional certification and the inspection and certification of China CMA professional laboratory quality inspection institute. SEPPES Doors industry will also product The safety of use is the first priority. A variety of safety protection devices have been developed and customized, and a number of technical patents on safety protection have been applied for. Each series of products are equipped with safety protection devices.

At the same time, the entire series of products are underwritten by well-known insurance companies with an insured amount of 15 million RMB, providing customers with multiple product safety guarantees. SEPPES Doors will better serve customers with higher standards in the industry, and ensure that the operation of smart factories is more efficient!

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