Transparent fast roller shutter door is a fast-rolling door with transparent curtain. The pvc curtain of the fast roller shutter door has many colors to choose from, and the transparent curtain has better lighting and observation effects. Let’s take a look what is the difference between the transparent fast roller shutter doors and the fast roller shutter doors of other colors, and how to choose it in the workshop.

Difference between transparent fast roller shutter doors:

  1. The color and thickness of the curtain: the thickness of the conventional color curtain is 0.9mm, and the thickness of the transparent curtain is 1.2mm.
  2. Compression resistance of door curtains: conventional pvc door curtains have tear-resistant fibers, while transparent door curtains have no tear-resistant fibers in order to ensure transparency, so even if the thickness of transparent door curtains is thicker than conventional ones, the same size Transparent fast roller shutter doors are also weaker.
  3. The characteristics of transparent curtains: transparent curtains can be fully transparent and semi-transparent, installed in the workshop, convenient for inside and outside observation, and the lighting effect is also very good.

The color of the fast roller shutter door can be selected according to the decoration style of the workshop or the use requirements. For example, the yellow is brighter, it has the effect of preventing mosquitoes, and the transparency can better observe indoor and outdoor conditions. It is recommended that you do not choose a fully transparent fast roller shutter door if you have a larger size fast roller shutter door, because the compression effect will be worse, you can choose a translucent fast roller shutter door, which is both beautiful and easy to observe.

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