Fast rolling doors are becoming more and more popular in the industry. Many people may think that it can quickly attract customers because it is relatively new. Of course, this is also one of the reasons for the popularity of fast rolling doors, but more importantly, its performance and advantages. Otherwise, the novelty is not practical and will soon be eliminated.

The traditional factory gate takes a long time to open and close, and the efficiency of carrying goods is not high, which will seriously affect the indoor and outdoor temperature alternation. The fast rolling door can be quickly isolated through high-speed and frequent opening and closing, and high-quality sealing performance, to achieve the effect of temperature insulation, can block peculiar smell and dust pollution, and prevent insects from entering; solve the problem of temperature changes or internal and external communication affecting the production workshop environment And the problem of work efficiency.

The fast rolling door is a fast door with high-speed automatic opening and closing. In factories, warehouses, shops and other places where strict quality control and high efficiency are pursued, it is the key to determining the safety of goods and the efficiency of production and operation; and the fast rolling door is relatively good The noise reduction function can reduce the noise source.

Fast rolling shutters are 20 times faster than steel rolling shutters, achieving a high-speed opening and closing of 100 times per hour, and high durability. Of course, the safety of fast rolling shutters will not be reduced because of the high speed, but the standard safety device will be more reliable than other rolling shutters. This is why many factories use fast rolling doors.

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