Stacked Fast Rolling Door adopts folding lifting method and multiple built-in or external horizontal wind-resistant levers. So that the wind pressure can be evenly distributed on the whole curtain. It can resist about 10 strong winds and its wind resistance performance is much higher than conventional roller type. Today, let’s talk about where we can use high speed stacking doors and why we use them in these scenarios!!

A stacking door is a specially door that is typically suitable for industrial and commercial environments to meet high-intensity use and special requirements.

wind resistant stacking door
wind resistant stacking door

I.The following are some of the common application places for high speed stacking doors

1.Plants and production facilities

Used in loading and unloading areas to move goods in and out quickly and easily.

2.Storage facilities

Used to segregate storage areas in order to efficiently manage inventory and reduce energy loss.

3.Logistics Center

Used in loading and unloading areas of logistics centers in order to process goods quickly while maintaining temperature and security. Helps to segregate different goods and improve operational efficiency in the sorting area.

4.Food processing plants

Separate areas used to prevent contamination, control temperature and ensure food safety. Helps maintain a low temperature environment in frozen food handling.

5.Chemical plants and laboratories

Used in areas where the spread of chemicals needs to be controlled and safety ensured.
In laboratory environments, for separating different laboratories or maintaining specific temperature and humidity conditions.

6.Automotive Manufacturing

Used to separate different assembly lines or workshops to improve manufacturing efficiency and safety. Used in automotive repair shops for vehicle entry and exit and to separate maintenance areas.

7.Agriculture and farms

Used in livestock farms, agricultural warehouses and agricultural facilities in order to manage animals and store agricultural products. In greenhouses, for controlling temperature and humidity and ensuring an environment for plant growth.

product advantages

II. Advantages of high speed stacking doors

1.Sealing performance

The bottom end material is elastic PVC base cloth, which can be tightly combined with all kinds of uneven ground. he interior is filled with cushioning material to improve its durability, and the two sides of the door post are equipped with high sealing performance brushes, which can reduce the noise and increase the sealing effect.

2.Good wind-resistant performance

 the use of folding lifting mode and multiple built-in lateral wind-resistant levers, the wind pressure can be evenly distributed in the door curtain as a whole. The wind resistance reach 10 levels of strong winds and its wind-resistant performance is much higher than ordinary roller type.

3.Safe and intelligent

infrared safety photoelectric protection; power outage with a manual lever which is with more security, convenience. Standard double-sided buttons; optional magnetic induction/radar induction/remote control switch/pull rope switch/interlocking linkage control, etc., which can reduce human resources, vehicle access can be intelligent induction automatic door opening.

4.Convenient maintenance

The door curtain can be disassembled and removed, and only one door curtain can be replaced in the later maintenance. What makes it more convenient and economical. The door curtain is made of PVC, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and it is easy to maintain and clean it by just wiping it with a rag.

Do you have a clearer understanding of this product through the above introduction? You can refer to some typical application places of stacking doors and make a comparison with what you need. These doors typically feature sturdy construction, quick opening and closing capabilities, durable materials, and options to accommodate different environmental needs, making them suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

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