High Speed Rolling door refers to an automatic door that runs at a speed of more than 0.6 meters per second. It is a barrier-free isolation door with a faster lifting speed, and the area isolation of other light industrial plants and any other places that need to enter and exit quickly. It automatically opens to improve work efficiency.

With the development of products, more and more brands have entered the Chinese market and have attracted more and more attention. For example, fast rolling doors are an industry that is developed and accurately positioned for the improvement of material efficiency flow (to shorten the time of entering and exiting process). Doors are mostly used in sites with high environmental requirements such as food processing, electronics, printing, and explosion-proof. The main function is to quickly isolate and ensure the air quality and dust-free level of the plant site. It has high-speed automatic opening and closing, safety, reliability, and heat preservation. , Sound insulation, sealing and other advantages.

Product Usage:

High speed rolling doors produced by Seppes Doors are used in high-frequency logistics channels. The curtain anti-wind rod adopts steel anti-wind pipe (anti-wind rod: configured according to the wind pressure requirements of the door tunnel). It has strong wind resistance and is suitable for large-scale external departments and wind resistance. Pressure required internal doors, sealed, dust-proof, insect-proof, and protect the working environment.

Wind resistance: 30 M/S (DIN EN 12424 wind resistance level 11)

Thermal insulation performance: thermal insulation coefficient: K-VALUE 0.4W/M2K

Sealing performance: guide rail seal, door curtain connection seal

Opening method: standard configuration is double-sided manual button, optional configuration: radar, geomagnetism, drawstring, remote control, Bluetooth, card access control.

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