industrial high speed roll up doors

High speed roll up doors have always been the door of choice in many factory workshops because of their frequent opening and easy passage. Most products currently on the market are equipped with safety light curtains next to the track. When an object is detected passing by, it will brake urgently and rise in the opposite direction. But i found that many Fortune 500 companies have upgraded safety light curtains to blanking gratings. So what advantages does it have compared to safety light curtains? Let’s talk about it in detail today.

high speed roll up doors

Both blanking gratings and safety light curtains are optical devices used for safety control. They are used in several industrial and commercial applications to monitor and protect people or objects. These two devices have different working principles and application scenarios, so their respective advantages and applicability need to be considered when choosing.

Here are some of the advantages of blanking light curtains over safety light curtains:

Higher accuracy

Compared with ordinary safety light curtains, blanking light curtains use more accurate infrared equipment, which can accurately identify people and objects, and because they are built inside the track, they reduce the risk of misoperation or accidental intrusion. Protect the area from machine downtime, thereby reducing potential safety risks.

Low installation cost

The blanking grating is designed to be directly integrated into the track of the workshop fast door. The one-piece molding does not require secondary installation, which greatly reduces production and installation costs. At the same time, the built-in hidden design avoids dust accumulation and greatly reduces the frequency of cleaning.

High degree of customization

The silencer grating can be set with a fixed blanking area, allowing the grating to be passed through without affecting safe access, and can be maintained and cleaned without affecting the production process, reducing frequent openings and shutdowns. time, greatly improving production efficiency.

high speed roll up doors

Blanking gratings represent the latest development of current safety protection technology. Many global Fortune 500 companies have upgraded their workshop high speed roll up doors to reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve production efficiency and safety, and bring greater economic benefits. SEPPES brand has also followed the trend and launched high-speed doors with built-in blanking gratings. If you have relevant needs, please contact the editor to customize an exclusive quotation plan for you.

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