Insulated High Speed Door

insulated high speed door can be widely used in workshops such as……


high speed door


Insulated high speed door can be widely used in workshops and clean plants in various industries such as electronics, machinery, chemicals, textiles, refrigeration, printing, food, automobile assembly, supermarkets, logistics and warehousing. Among them, the insulated high speed door that automatically opens and closes at a high speed. In factories, warehouses, shops, etc. that seek strict quality management, high efficiency, and cost-saving, the effective opening and closing of entrances and exits is the key to determining the safety of goods and the efficiency of production and operation. Fast doors are 20 times faster than steel rolling doors, achieving high-speed opening and closing 50 times per hour and high durability.

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This is a photo of Spanish, Australian, Brazilian, Chile customers, etc who gave us high praise.

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More than 60 Fortune 500 companies from Geely, Procter & Gamble, Huawei, Bosch, and Pfizer have chosen us.

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1.Q: What’s the color of door?

A: Red、yellow、blue、white、gray and transparent.

2.Q: What’s the type of door motor?
A: Servo motor, 220V- 0.75 KW- 50HZ-1 phrase

3.Q: What’s the material of door frame?
A: Painted steel door frame, SUS304 door frame, Aluminium alloy door frame.

4.Q: What’s the price of door?
A: Depends on size and other devices.

5.Q: How long the door can be used?
A: 8-10 years

6.Q: What kind of place does door can be used?
A: Factory warehouse, storage, clean room.

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