Industrial sectional door consists of a series of door panels (commonly metal or cloth materials, etc.), along the track up. Industrial lifting door in the appearance of the structural design of the grand, the use of a sense of comfort. The larger size of the industrial products of its stable, spectacular running posture can bring people a strong visual impact. Torsion spring system or counterweight system to ensure the balance of the door body. The different track systems and lifting methods of industrial sectional door panels make them adaptable to different buildings. Various colors are available. Its dexterity makes it suitable for almost every kind of door outside the building.

sectional door


Industrial sectional door is also known as industrial sliding door. According to the different ways of operation. Industrial doors are divided into standard lifting industrial lift doors, vertical lifting industrial doors, high lifting industrial doors, sliding industrial doors, sectional lifting industrial doors, special lifting industrial doors, European-style industrial rolling doors and so on.

Lifting Methods

The design principle of industrial liftgate is to install the track as close to the inside of the building as possible. This allows for significant savings in the interior space of the building. Depending on the size and shape of your building, it can be designed to be installed in different ways. The choice of door lifting method can be based on the following basic conditions: size of the door opening, space at the top of the door opening, space at the side of the door opening, and depth of the door opening. According to the actual situation of the building site. Combined with the owner’s side of the use of space requirements, the following lifting methods can be realized. Maximize the requirements of reasonable use of space.

1、Standard lifting: applicable to the door top space in: 200-300mm or less.
2、High lifting: applicable to the door top space in: 〉300mm〈door opening height
3、Vertical lifting: applicable to the door roof space: > or = door opening height
4、Sloping roof lifting: applicable to the shape of the slope of the ceiling of the door roof, the track and the ceiling into a parallel state.

Lifting Methods

Open method

Industrial sectional door according to the requirements of the use of the site can be as follows to open the way:
1, Electric open: can be used to control the opening of the push button, with a manual emergency unlocking device, the most common use.
2,Manual open: use manual hoist to open (commonly used)
3,Geomagnetic ring: for hairpin trucks and forklifts in and out of the need for timely closure of the site is particularly applicable.

Open method

Sectional Door Features

Applicability: According to the design of the building structure, the liftgate opens vertically upwards. It hangs flat on the inside of the wall above the doorway without occupying any space in the room. Give full play to the advantage of rising vertically without occupying both sides of the doorway. Maximize the release of space in the doorway.

Appearance: Double galvanized steel with polyurethane layer. The surface embossing design can make the door plate unchanged for a long time. Easy to clean, beautiful and generous, sliding up the corporate image.

Thermal insulation performance: double-layer steel plate to reduce heat loss. High-density polyurethane 42kg/m3 thermal insulation layer is inside. The heat preservation and insulation effect is excellent.

Noise isolation: low noise opening. Galvanized pulley block with adjustable ball bearings and wear-resistant rubber wheels. Ensure the door opens and closes quietly.

Wind resistance: when the door body reaches a certain width. Designed with external reinforcement to ensure its strength. Tested to European standards, it is resistant to instantaneous class 10 winds.

Airtightness: the top, bottom and both sides of the door panel equip with high-quality rubber sealing strips. There is also a reliable seal between the door panels. Ensure that the door body is not eroded around the installation of sealing strips, airtightness is excellent.

Safety devices: fall prevention device, airbag (optional). Prevent the door body from falling or when the bottom of the door touches with obstacles, the door will stop or reverse operation automatically. Prevent accidents from happening. Wire rope breakage prevention device, torsion spring breakage safety device. Prevent any way of the door body hurt people and things may.

Maintenance method

5 Ways to Maintain an Industrial sectional door

1. For the dust on the industrial lifting door , debris should be regularly cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the door body. When opening the door, the strength should be moderate, try to keep open and close at an even speed. Of course, we should also avoid industrial lifting door hit or scratched.

2. You should add lubricating oil every six months. And check the parts regularly, if there is any problem, please replace them in time. Or contact the manufacturer and send a repairer to fix it.

3. For the maintenance of door torsion spring. It should be checked after a period of use, and if it is loose it should be tightened or replaced in time. Problems can also contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

4. Industrial sectional door airbags after a period of use. It should be inspected regularly to ensure that it is not damaged by external forces. Otherwise, if the airbag leaks, it will lose its protective function.

5. For other parts of the door, in the process of use, collision should be avoided. There is a collision should also be promptly checked to ensure that it can operate and work properly.

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