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Chemical plant safety anti-static spark blast door

Chemical plants, because of their unique storage and use of chemicals. Faced with many potential hazards, such as flammable, explosive and volatile substances management. In such a context, the application of blast door is particularly critical. Chemical plants inevitably handle large quantities of potentially hazardous chemicals. Once these substan …

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Rapid Door for 100,000 Cleanliness Levels

In today’s industrial production, clean room is being an indispensable part of improving product quality and production efficiency. Especially in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics industries, the requirements for cleanliness are more stringent. The special zipper rapid door for clean room is a key equipment, which meets the 100,000 gra …

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Classification and selection of modern garage door

Garage doors play an important role in modern homes. Not only as a key to securing your vehicle, but also as an important element that adds value and aesthetics to your home. However, many people can be confused when it comes to choosing the right modern garage door. In this article, we’ll cover common modern garage door categories and provid …

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Why add a small door inside the sectional door?

Sectionals doors are widely suitable for industrial and commercial areas and are popular for their convenience, durability and safety. However, the small door design in the sectional door panel of this product is often overlooked. Today I will discuss with you why people install a small door in the sectional door panel. The reasons for the small doo …

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Six high speed door products for you to choose from

Nowadays, there are more and more factories and enterprises, so there are more and more types of workshops, including those responsible for production, manufacturing, packaging, and storage. Their different production attributes require different categories. Now there are various types of high speed doors ,Such as zipper high speed doors, protecti …

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